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No Donwloads at Nprinting on Demand


I got problems with my on-demand reports from my Qlikview dashboards. Wenn I try to generate it from the Access Point(QlikView Development and Server got the same problem) it loads but nothing happens.

The Dashboards are all avaible in the AccessPoint so the connection is active.

Since the last time I used the on-Demand actions I didnt changed anything.

In the on-Demand Configuration, Source Path, Hostname Port(9001) etc are the same, so I dont really know what matters here.

I read about the tip to dont save the Dashboard in WebView -> didnt work.


I use Nprinting and QlikView Version 12.30.20100.0 SR1


i would appreciate it if somebody could help me.



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Re: No Donwloads at Nprinting on Demand


Can you please elaborate on what you mean when you say the On-Demand report loads but "nothing happens"?  Some screenshots or a video would be helpful to demonstrate the issue. 

Have you taken a look at the NP On-Demand logs to see what's in there?  Would also be a good idea to check the NP logs to see if there are any errors there.  If you're not sure of the location of your NP logs, you can check the following since you're running NP 16:

1. Opening the Qlik NPrinting Server
2. Click Log Settings.  You will see the log path in Log Settings


Posting the logs to the case, if possible, would be helpful so we can see what's going on behind-the-scenes.  It can be difficult to troubleshoot these issues from the front-end.


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Re: No Donwloads at Nprinting on Demand

When I say nothing happens, it means that it shows that it's "processing". QV_infinite_processing.png