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Not able to show tree view structure

Hi Team,

My data is stored in SQL Server tables and I have created dimensions and fact tables perfectly.

ParentData, ChildData, Path and Org_Level are the dimensions and I can create a qlikview report in below format.


ParentDataChildData    PathOrg_Level
LibraryBook    Book<-Library1
LibraryNotes    Notes<-Library1
LibraryArt    Art<-Book<-Library2
LibraryScience  Science<-Notes<-Library2

Now I want to make a tree based on Path dimension. If I select Org_Level=1 or ParentData=Library then tree should have root node=Library and both children(Book and Notes) must be below Library joining by a line like below structure :

And If I select Org_Level 2 then my Path must show 2 more children(Art and Science) below Book and Notes.

I am able to show the Path in Tablebox and can create a tree by setting the show as tree view(separated by <-) but now in above form.

Please help me on this.



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Re: Not able to show tree view structure

I am not sure if I understand your question correctly, but it looks like you got a table referring to itself in a node-parentnode construction. To handle that structure, look into using the Hierarchy function:

Hierarchy ‒ QlikView

May you live in interesting times!

Re: Not able to show tree view structure

I believe your paths should be read left to right and root to leave, so you need to transform



Library -> Notes -> Science

Then the tree view in listbox should work (using '->' as tree view separator)

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Re: Not able to show tree view structure

Hi Swuehl,

I have Path column in one of the table which has the hierarchy. So i want to show the hierarchy as tree tree structure as i described in above image.

If i select Org_Level=1 then i have 2 records in Path column for Org_Level=1 i.e.

Book<-Library and Notes<-Library. I want Library as Root node while Book and Notes should be children like below:


Please suggest what code should i write??

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Re: Not able to show tree view structure

I can show the path <- or -> and can represent my data in list box as tree structure using <- or -> as separator but output is not coming as per my image.

Please help on this.



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Re: Not able to show tree view structure

Hi All,

I have created Org Chart with the help of Qlikview Extension object.