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Good afternoon, adding an object as another object


total expression + expression in an object from another object

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MVP & Luminary

Re: OBJECT + OBJECT = ????

You either put both expressions in the third text box: =expr1 + expr2

...or you create two variables, put your expressions in the variables and use the variables in the textboxes

vExpression1: =num(sum(.....etc)

vExpression2: =num(if(RowNo()....etc

Textbox1: =$(vExpression1)

Textbox2: =$(vExpression2)

Textbox3: =$(vExpression1)+$(vExpression2)

And I don't think Rowno() will do anything unless you use it in a chart. You could probably leave out that if statement.

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Re: OBJECT + OBJECT = ????

ok friend, thank you for the return is correct, but I would put a total result of a column in an object graph

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Re: OBJECT + OBJECT = ????

perfect, but as I identify the row total Orange, would it be possible??