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Only 1 time Reload per Day

Hi ,

There is problem in my Incremental, It should Reload 2nd of every month only one Time. How we can restrict that condition to Satisfy in Incremental.

Please Suggest any Ideas .

Thanks And Regards ,


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Re: Only 1 time Reload per Day

hi harish

can you give some more explenation please,Do you mean the load should only execute at the second of the month or do you have duplicate data?

if it is the first option you should be able to specify that in your qmc under tasks.

when there is duplicate data you have to give me a better explanation.


Re: Only 1 time Reload per Day

Hi Harish,

If you use the script to reload data and store it in QVD-files you and you  can not find the reload option you need in the reload options you can always add something like below at the beginning of your reload script:

    SET v_date= 2;

    IF Day(today()) >$(v_date) then ;

    exit script;

    end if;

If you reload the script now (fe daily) it will stop the reload every day except the 2nd of every month.