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Contributor III
Contributor III

Onselect Trigger not firing when selected through a button action


I am doing a "select in field" for FieldA on click of a button. There is a trigger set to be fired onselect of FieldA.

Both button action and trigger work fine on desktop but the trigger is not firing on accesspoint.

Can something be set to make this work or is this the default behavior?

PS: doing what the trigger is doing on button click action didn't work because what is set reflects only after all actions of the button has fired. Basically the state before the button action is only available during all the actions. New state is available only after all the actions are fired.



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Try with OnChange instead of OnSelect

Contributor III
Contributor III

Yes that might work for trigger on specific field. Thanks.

But we do have some triggers at onAnySelect at document level and it doesn't fire and there is no option to set onAnyChange trigger.

Specialist III
Specialist III

Could you please try creating a variable and let that variable change when any change happens in the document selection and then use the variable event trigger to further execute chain of actions.

Hi  Vijay,

You say the triggers are not working on the accesspoint - Are you using the IE Plugin or Ajax client?

Triggers work differently in Ajax compared to QV desktop - some do not work at all !

Do you really need to use triggers?

Can you achieve the same functionality via bookmarks, or by educating your users on how to use QlikView efficiently?

Try these threads for more info

Re: How to do an initial selection with Ajax and Qlikview server

Re: Trigger issue in Ajax View

To quote hic‌   "Macros are Bad, but Triggers are Worse."  Macros are Bad

Champion III
Champion III

When you say Access Point, it means you moved the file from your Local desktop to a Server. I am not sure but sometime it did happened that the triggers did not work, so i had to recreate on the server. So do you see your triggers in your document properties triggers tab? The triggers you created on your desktop? Worth a check.

Contributor III
Contributor III

I guess certain things dont work well in ajax client.

Thanks for all the replies.