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Opening in Server (for dummies)

I've had no issues for 3 months, but today I tried to open in server and got this message:  "Connected to Server OK, no reply received  Switching to HTTPS tunneling  Connected to Server OK, Security Settings Denies Access..."  I've been checking thread after thread and I've not found anything I could use to resolve.  People have found solutions, but mostly on their own and the response were, I figured it out thanks.  So I'm stumped.

We have licenses - about 100 of them (I don't see that we're using CAL).  Nothing has changed.  I even had a coworker use my machine to log in and check out a license and he can.  What the heck am I doing wrong?

Help me out of my rabbit hole please? 

I have to add licensing check out is a real pain (if anyone from Qlik is listening!).

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Opening in Server (for dummies)

Well, network troubles are not by definition the fault of QlikView. There are many parties involved in getting a License lease to succeed, and they all need to be checked.

The many discussions about this problem all suggest possible solutions. It would help to known which ones you already tried (and were struck from you list of possible causes) so that we aren't forced to ask those same boring questions all over again. Us being to the point can take a lot of frustration out of your situation.

To give you at least something to get started with, let me tell you this: the error message ends with "...Security Settings Denies Access...". In most (if not all) cases this clue points to a firewall blocking traffic over port 4747. And since a colleague is able to lease a license onto your machine, I would suggest to check whether your machine's firewall has not suddenly decided to block this port (Group Policy?)




Re: Opening in Server (for dummies)

Thank you Peter, that did help.  We also have a set up where we have to 'check out' our license.  I'll have to keep this in mind for next time.