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Optimization in accesspoint

Dear All,


Need to know some optimization technic in access point.

Issue :- In my accesspoint URL, my application QVW (Size around 1 GB) is taking around 2 to 3 mins time to open. So please let me know how to reduce time to open fast.

My Server RAM  size : 24 GB.

Please support. Thanks in advance.



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Re: Optimization in accesspoint

Once it is opened in accesspoint, and it is in the memory, other user should open it pretty fast.

You can also check to see if all your fields are used, if not, comment out those unused fields.


Re: Optimization in accesspoint

In the Documents --> Source Documents

you can find a preload option (bottom right in image)

From Qlik Help (top right in QMC)


To make the current document quickly accessed at all times, by preloading it into the primary memory of the server, tick this check box. To disable the preload function, untick this check box. Note!Using the preload functionality will use memory resources also when no user is accessing the document.


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Re: Optimization in accesspoint

Dear M G,

Thanks for the info. But that option is not available in my server. My server is SBE. Please let me know. Thank u.


Re: Optimization in accesspoint

I've just Checked in SBE; in SBE there is only one type of Documents

Documents --> User Documents

but the flag is still there