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Outer join doesn't work?


I have a problem with an outer join and i can't fix it.

I have two tables with two fields in common, the relation is ok and it's working. i have a few numbers and the sum of them is ok

Now, when i write "Outer Join" i do the same sum and i'm having a larger amount. I don't understand why this is happening. Shouldn't the outer join keep the relation?


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Re: Outer join doesn't work?

Look here:

Understanding Join, Keep and Concatenate

Outer Join:

And also outer join gives all values from left table and all values from right table and any non matching values will also be displayed.

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Re: Outer join doesn't work?

I understand outer join. You're not answering my question, please read it and if you don't understand me you can say it.

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Re: Outer join doesn't work?

Can you explain little more please ? or a sample to share with the issue ?


Re: Outer join doesn't work?

please post an example application and describe your expected result.




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Re: Outer join doesn't work?

The relationship with an outer join is indeed maintained between the tables. Why an outer join creates a higher sum is interesting. As suggested by Marco, please post an example of your data and results.