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Partial Reload for Incremental Load?

Hi all,

Coming from a performance perspective: my data refresh is a 3 stage process:

1. ODI ETL from a transactional DB to an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

2. QVW to extract tables from EDW into QVDs. This is an incremental load

3. QVW to read from QVDs.

For stage 3, I am currently using a default full load to load the QVDs into the QVW. It will do this full load every hour.

I am wondering if there are performance benefits to using a partial reload to ADD new records from the QVD, and REPLACE updated records.

Does anybody know if there are substantial performance improvements, if it is even possible? Thanks in advance!



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I don't think so whether performs improve for this case because even you are doing Partial Reload by using ADD / REPLACE.

But, as per my experience if you use either one of ADD / REPLACE off course, You may get saves the time to reload.

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