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Passing Parameters - Urgent

Hi There,

I am fetching data from SharePoint. And from SharePoint I am accessing a dashboard in accesspoint through a link.

Now what I want is if I am selecting something in sharepoint the same value should show in dashboard also.

For Ex- There is a field EmpId. If I am selecting the field value 1008 and click on the link it will open the dashboard in accesspoint and show the same value i.e. 1008 in the dashboard and letter I can again change the value and select any other EmpId that should be displayed in the dashboard.

I came across some posts in community Passing Parameters in a URL and Document Chaining

But here the changes done in one dashboard is showing in another dashboard and the year value for the list box is also hard coded,

in my case I can change the value of the filed.

Please Advise.

Thanks In Advance


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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

It does not matter if the link is on a sharepoint page or in a qlikview document. Every qlikview document deployed on a Qlikview Access Point has an url to access it. Something like http://myserver//QvAJAXZfc/opendoc.htm?document=DocumentName.qvw. Your qlikview document should contain a listbox for the field in which the selection needs to be made. Then all you need to do in sharepoint is use that url and append the parameter like explained in Passing Parameters in a URL and Document Chaining

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