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Passing parameter to access point URL

HI All

I have a scenario that if one of the specified value from the URL is missing the access point should not show the dashboard, at the moment access point is showing the the dashboard for possible value.PFB example


I have USA in the data for the given list box but not Germany, business user asking us to display nothing if any of the value is missing from the list box. Could you suggest how to handle this scenario.

Thanks in advance,


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MVP & Luminary

Re: Passing parameter to access point URL

If you already know that some values wouldn't available within the target-app then you should remove them from the url. If not you will need to check it within the target-app - maybe within a variable which then controls the visibility of your objects/dimensions or is used as a calculation-condition, for example:


= getfieldselections(FIELD) = concat(distinct FIELD, ', ')

- Marcus