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Passing parameters to Access Point URL to override OnActivate sheet tigger

Hi all,

I am well aware of passing parameters to Access Point URL, but I am facing the following issue.

If I have a List Box containing some Report names, I pass &sheet=SH100&select=LB01,'ReportName1'

The problem is the OnActivate Sheet Trigger. I want a default selection to be made if nothing is selected.

However, this is overriding my list box selection in Access Point URL.


OnActivate Sheet trigger:-

Field name:-  Dynamic_ReportName

Search String:-  IF(MATCH(Dynamic_ReportName, 'ReportName1'), 'ReportName1', 'ReportName2')

OnLeave Sheet Trigger:-

Clear Field:- Dynamic_ReportName

Even when i hit the URL with &sheet=SH100&select=LB01,'ReportName1' it goes to ReportName2 and on refreshing the webpage,

it selects ReportName1.

This problem is scalable to multiple reportnames (say, 😎 under a sheet.

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Master III
Master III

May be try the search string like

IF(SubStringCount(GetFieldSelections(Dynamic_ReportName,','), 'ReportName1')>0, 'ReportName1', 'ReportName2')


Hi Sasidhar,

I used the search string like you suggested:-

=IF(SubStringCount(GetFieldSelections(Dynamic_ReportName), 'ReportName1')>0, 'ReportName1', 'ReportName2')

The problem that I am facing is that the the URL is not picking the parameter passed for the sheet I open first.

But it works fine for the successive sheets that I open.

I tried the following solutions:-

Use Field event Triggers:-

OnSelect :- GetFieldSelections(Dynamic_ReportName)


OnChange :-

(1) Clear Field:- Dynamic_ReportName

(2) Select in Field :- GetFieldSelections(Dynamic_ReportName)

and I am passing the URL as:-


So that it would work due to Onchange field atleast for the 1st tab.

Also, I read that for AJAX, the OnActivate trigger or Document event Triggers don't work.

That doesn't seem to be the case for me as it works for all the sheets I open after my first sheet (all through URL with parameters for sheet id and listbox selection).

Any advice would be much appreciated.