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Percentages in Grid Chart

Wondering if you can help me. I have a Grid Chart showing a count of requests, this has two dimensions. One is order type and the other is Delivery date.

I want to create a Grid Chart showing the percentages, with each order type, for the delivery dates. I have tried using the relative button but this uses percentages across all types. I want each order type row to add up to 100%.

I'm also using an IF statement within the expression as I'm only interested in orders created in the last week.

My expression is below :

=NUM(count(IF([Order Date]>(today(1)-8) AND [OrderDate]<(today(1)),[Order No])) / count(total IF([Order Date]>(today(1)-8) AND [Order Date]<(today(1)),[Order No]))*100,'##.##')

Suggestions welcome?

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Re: Percentages in Grid Chart

May be you need to add the Total Qualifier field here:

=Num(Count(If([Order Date]>(Today(1)-8) and [OrderDate]<(Today(1)),[Order No])) / Count(TOTAL <[order type]> If([Order Date]>(Today(1)-8) and [Order Date]<(Today(1)),[Order No]))*100,'##.##')

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Re: Percentages in Grid Chart

Ideal, thank you. I had tried a Total Qualifier, but had it in the wrong place!