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Personal edition on two PCes.

I am very pleased with QlikView(certified) , and  I have made a lot of applications(version 11), but only using personal edition.

My PC broke down, and I bought a new one, installing QlikView 12.

When I tried to open a  qvw-file(made on the old PC) imported from backup to my new PC, I was adviced to stop.

What do I do ?

Will it help to  buy and install a non personal edition, or do I have to make all my old applications over again ?

For now, I am only working with QlikView on my own,

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Re: Personal edition on two PCes.

The Personal Edition is limited to personal use, hence there are restrictions of opening QVW files not created by yourself. Opening your old files would consume one recovery attempt out of four, hence the warning message before the recovery attempt.

For more details, read

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Re: Personal edition on two PCes.

I copied the file from backup to my PC despite the warning, and it worked well.

But, as the warning said, then I could not open the applications I had made on my new PC without using 1 of the 3 remaining attempts.

Luckily, that was not a big problem for me.

So, I think , problem solved.

Thanks for help!