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Hello Everyone,

I have this new situation.

I have a created date, load date, fiscal_year and fiscal_month field. The fiscal year is from  April 1 to 31st March. The requiremnt is

a user should be able to select a fiscal year and a fiscal month.

Once the User does that, the algorithm should calculate the total number of product in the slected fiscal month of the selected fiscal year which is in STAGE='Pending' +(plus) all the total number of products whose created date is after the selected fiscal month and fiscal year till today's date.

For eg. If the User has selected June of Fiscal year 2011, then total number of product in June 2010 concatenated with total number of products created

from July 2010.

There is also a problem to this. The load date used for the first half of the expression is based on Fiscal calendar but the created date is based on Gregorian calendar.

Thanks a lot and would really appreciate for any help or sugestions,


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Try this:

1) create a new field with the month and year of the created date 'MonthYeaCreatedDate' and the month and of the fiscal calendar 'MonthYearFiscal', you can do this with the function monthname()

2) the expressión should be something like:

count({$<STAGE={'Pending'}>} distinct ProductID) +

count({$<MonthYeaCreatedDate={">=$(#=monthname(max(MonthYearFiscal),-3))"}>} ProductID)

Hope this helps


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