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Pie Chart Colors Different From Legend Colors

Hi, I'm pretty new to QV and I'm using V10. I've made a two-dimensional pie chart with a calculated expression color. The legend seems to display the correct/expected color; however, the chart doesn't. In the attached image I've hovered over a slice with an unexpected color, and the corresponding legend color is shown to be different. What am I doing wrong? Thanks! -Reid

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Re: Pie Chart Colors Different From Legend Colors

Also, hovering over the second dimension slices, it looks like those colors match the legend's. This chart displays the two next-deepest levels in a Hierarchy().

Dimension 1:

//we're at a subtree

=IF($(vHighestSelectedLevel) = 0,[Hierarchy Name1],

IF($(vHighestSelectedLevel) = 1,[Hierarchy Name2],

IF($(vHighestSelectedLevel) = 2,[Hierarchy Name3],

IF($(vHighestSelectedLevel) = 3,[Hierarchy Name4],

IF($(vHighestSelectedLevel) = 4,[Hierarchy Name5],

IF($(vHighestSelectedLevel) = 5,[Hierarchy Name6],[Hierarchy Name6]))))))

Dimension 2:

=IF($(vLowestSelectedLevel) - $(vHighestSelectedLevel) >= 1,

IF($(vHighestSelectedLevel) = 0,[Hierarchy Name2],

IF($(vHighestSelectedLevel) = 1,[Hierarchy Name3],

IF($(vHighestSelectedLevel) = 2,[Hierarchy Name4],

IF($(vHighestSelectedLevel) = 3,[Hierarchy Name5],

IF($(vHighestSelectedLevel) = 4,[Hierarchy Name6],

IF($(vHighestSelectedLevel) = 5,[Hierarchy Name7],[Hierarchy Name7]))))))

, 0 )

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Re: Pie Chart Colors Different From Legend Colors

In the chart, it looks like the color that an inner slice gets is equal to that of its clockwise-most child slice.

Similar to the http://community.qlik.com/message/100939#100939

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