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Pivot Presentation

Dear Community,

i need to create a pivot-table like shown below. Every KPI is a formula and the columns "Last Year", "Actual Year" and "PLAN" describes the set expression.  For example we will have a closer look on the KPI "Revenue"

Revenue = Sum(Sales)

Revenue Last Year = Sum({< Year = {'LY'}>} and so on.

How to implement?  Any suggestions?


KPILast YearAcutal YearPLAN
Order value   
On Time Delivery   
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Digital Support
Digital Support

Re: Pivot Presentation

In order to get a response on posts like these, you generally need to submit some raw data so folks have something to work with, otherwise more than a little difficult trying to explain how to script things etc.  One place you can look around for examples of things is the Design Blog area of the Community, that may provide some ideas on how to go about things to the point you can get a working QVW you can then attach to ask for help in solving any final issues...



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