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Pivot Table - Current Period v Current Period (LY)

Hi Qlikers,

I am quite new to QV and would appreciate assistance. I currently have a pivot table with the following as dimensions:-

- CustomerName

- ProductCategory

- ProductBrand

- ProductDescript

My expressions (or what I would like to achieve, rather) are:

- Actual :sum(QtyTotal)

- LY (Last Year): This should be the value of Actual but exactly one year ago

I have arranged my table as in the following (with sample data and dimensions in bold, expressions in italics😞

CustomerNameProductCategoryProductBrandProductDescriptActualLast YearActualLast Year
CustARTDJohnny BowJohnny Bow & Vodka2216933164
CustBRTDJohnny BowJohnny Bow & Gin1522313222

My question is how do I get the previous year sums to show in the Last Year column? Or would there be another simpler approach?

Thanks in advance.