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Pivot table Issue

Hi All,

     I have a problem while showing my regional wise targets and Actuals in the pivot table..I have 3months data in my application.April,May and June.All the Actuals values for the three months are coming fine.. The targets for the April is also fine.My Issue is with the May and June Targets.The May and June targets got swapped...

I dnt understand what could be the Problem..

If any one hav Ideas about this.. plz let me know...

Thanks in advance..

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Pivot table Issue


Can you please elaborate a bit further on what you should get? What fields and expressions are involved would help as well...


Miguel Angel Baeyens

BI Consultant

Comex Grupo Ibérica

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Re: Pivot table Issue

Sure.. PFA for the pivot table

Here I want to show the region wise targets month wise…

For this I have used the Below expressions..

Planned: =aggr(only(Trip_Targets),Month,Month_Trip,[Contract Region] ) … Here in this application I have two months one is based on the travel date that is called Month.Th other is Month_Trip.. this I am got from the different excel which I have loaded in the qlikview as Cross table.

Actuals: count( distinct {<[Travel Mode] = {'Flight'},Month_Trip = {'Apr','June','May'} >} ) ..

Previously I was getting all the actual are coming fine and the problem was only the targets of May and june got swapped. But now suddenly the QV file got corrupted while saving I think I am not able to see even those results what I was getting before… Can u have any Idea for this….



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