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Pivot table with a twist

Hi all,

ok so I have a pivot table with a collapsible dimension with the below expression.

my Dimensions are Site and Date (Date is inside Site)

now if I expand the dimensions I get counts based on the below expression and if I collapse it I get the sum of those counts( or a count of all dates depending on how you wanna think of it)

ok so everyones familiar with that, is their a way to swap that sum with an average so that when the dimension is collapsed we get the average count for each day?

count({$< MainCarriagewayDataFilteringOutput.site1.v = {'<50'}>} Timestamp)

while im on it I tried to do something similar using Aggr but for some reasons is giving strange numbers, I suspect a syntax error so if anyone can spot it id appreciate it.

avg(aggr(count({$< MainCarriagewayDataFilteringOutput.site1.v = {'<50'}>} Timestamp) ,Date))