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Pivot table

i need a report in that form:

GLOBALGLOBALGLOBALsum(Invoices)sum(receipts)sum(invoices due)sum(Invoices)sum(receipts)sum(invoices due)sum(Invoices)sum(receipts)sum(invoices due)

I have date of invoices and week dimension create over that, and term of pay so i can find due date.

how to fit the due date if it is in another week?

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Pivot table


Please clarify your issue....

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Pivot table

Date of invoice (dataInv) : 01.02.2012 - week(DataInv) = 5, value = 100

Due date (Ddate) : 15.02.2012 - week(DataInv) = 7

Pay date : 20.02.2012 - week(DataInv) = 8

In that case i should have: