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Pop up label help

HI ,

I have data as below...

ID    Description     Amt

1      Cloth             100

1      Grocery          200

1      Stationary       50

2      Garden        200

2      Paint            200

2      Stationary       400\

So sum(Amt) metrics I have to add label that shows Description as well.

I tried='Amount' &''& Description

Thats showing blank...how can I resolve this?

Thanks much

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Re: Pop up label help

What is your Dimension here? ID or is it Description? If its ID, may be you need to do Concat(Description)

='Amount ' & Concat(Description, ', ')


Re: Pop up label help

I have another column called location and that is my Dimension...but tried the above label too...that is showing blank too...

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Re: Pop up label help

Probably this might help"

Remove 'Pop-up Labels' check in Presentation tab

Add a new equation : something like this

'Low: '&Sum(CountLow)&Chr(10)&

'Medium: '&Sum(CountMedium)&Chr(10)&

'High: '&Sum(CountHigh)&Chr(10)&

'Total: '&(Sum(CountLow)+Sum(CountMedium)+Sum(CountHigh))

Remove 'bar' or 'line' from display options and check only 'text as Pop Up'

Re: Pop up label help

How are location and description related to each other?


Re: Pop up label help

Common key called ExpenseID....

2 tables....Portfolio and Expense....Portfolio has ExpID ...each Id has location and same in expense table...each ExpID has Expense and description.

Re: Pop up label help

Ansh I don't think I completely understand, would you be able to share a sample with us?