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Possibility to combine bookmarks ?

Hi all,

I'm currently testing qlikview and one of the most wanted feature we would like to have is the possibility to make complex selections.

Suppose for instance that I have 2 selections fields F1 and F2. I would like to express a selection like

((value V1 for F1 AND value V2 for F2) OR (value V3 for F1 AND value V4 for F2))

And of course we would like to do this by clicking simply with the mouse so that our end-users can do that themselves.

One idea is to make a first bookmark B1 corresponding to (value V1 for F1 AND value V2 for F2)  and then a second bookmark B2 (value V3 for F1 AND value V4 for F2). And then to make the union of B1 and B2 and save it as a new bookmark.

So the question is : is there an add-on or something that allow to do this ?


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