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Preventing Multiple Users from overwriting data...

...Hello all.

Our organisation is new to the world of Qlikview.  In terms of setting up protocol and dictating procedures, based on a question which is currently foremost on our mind is....

How do we go about preventing multiple users, who could potentially access the same data at the same time, from overwriting it especially if both users are wanting to add bookmarks to it? 

A lot of our users have the desire to create bookmarks from within the dashboards created by our developers. 

However if the same data is accessed by however many users at the same time and he / she decide to add bookmarks to the dataset and saves it, which could potentially overwrite the other users hard work.

Is there a facility from within Qlikview that will allow us to control this and prevent misery for so many users?  If there is, how can we go about achieving this?

Any help, advice or pointers would be gratefully received.

Thanks and regards, Mike.