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Printing Object with Button

Hi everyone

I'm having some trouble with a printing button.

I want to make a printing button, that just prints the selected listbox or diagram.

Normally you can do zhis by right clicking on an object and then choosing the printing option but in this the endusers arent that good with pcs so rightclicking somehwere is to complex unfortunately.

Is ist possible to make a print button that does this? I found an Option "Print Object" in the Settings of the buttons, but that doesnt work.

It happens nothing, where as when I make a button that should print the whole sheet I dont have any problems.

Thx for your help m8s.

If you have any further questions just ask

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Re: Printing Object with Button

Hi François, you can create a button, in properties of that button-->actions tab add an action to print object.

You only need the ID of the object to print and check 'Show print dialog'. Printer box is not needed to fill.

You also can set an image for the button, a button with a printer as image would be nice.

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Re: Printing Object with Button

Under object Properties you will find Object ID.

Now when you have Object ID you will create a button to print this object. You must assing an action to button wich in that case is Print Object.

After that you must type or paste Object ID here

It should work now 🙂


Re: Printing Object with Button

Hi Francois,

if your objects have the CAPTION enable, there is a print icon available for the user!