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Problem: My bookmark resets all the variable I read in from SharePoint.

Hi all.

In SharePoint I have a list of different types of goals. KPI goals.

One user can change these goals and the value of the goals will update when the model is run.

My problem is that the bookmarks I have created does not take the "new" value of the goal. But it actually resets all the variables to the value they had when the bookmark was created. 

Is there a way to have the goal in the bookmark give me the updated value each time and not the initial goal value that was when the bookmark was created?

I have tried bilde 1.JPGthese setting and these bilde2.JPG.

Why do I need a bookmark:

I have a dashboard with KPI values for the last three months. They can click "See development" and they will be taken to a bookmark that shows this KPI trending per month. This is when the goal KPI resets to the KPI value that was when I made the bookmark.

What I want is for the bookmarks to give me the "new" KPI goal from the sharepoint always

Any help or tips is much appreciated. And if there are any threads I should read that I have not found, please let me know

Thank you in advance.