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Problem Regarding geoqlik

hi everybody,

                    I am a newbie to qlikview i am trying to work with geoqlik inorder to shop the data in the chart i am having 2 colums in my table namely country name,poluation when i click the country name in the table the population needs to be dispalyed in the map i had tried but the value is not getting reflected in the map can anybody tell me how to do

Best Regards,


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Re: Problem Regarding geoqlik

any help appreciated i m trying it for the whole day

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Re: Problem Regarding geoqlik

Hi Bobby,

you have first to make sure that your QlikView has some data which can be joined with the GeoQlik data (description done at http://demo.geoqlik.com/geoqlik/index.aspx ) . For countries it has then to match the Country Name, ISO2 or ISO3 code:



The joint is case sensitive by the way. So, I suppose your data does not exactly match .