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Problem on Section Access

Hi All,

I have 3 data files DemandQ, AllocatedQ, CRD

DemandQ consists  Project Number, Project Name, L3 Manager, Pool, Jan, Dec, Nov

AllocatedQ consists Project Number, Project Name, Month, Act_DMD, Act_Alloc

CRD consists Project Number, Project Name, Nov,Dec,Jan

Please somebody look into this issue, it's urgent requirement.

I need help on this, Anyone can look into this and give me solution.

Please respond somebody

Here i did development based on my requirement but i'm unable to create section access.

My req is pool in DemandQ data is like ecic-ram-arun, here ecic is the high level manager and ram is next level manager and arun is submanger to ram, i have to take pool as username and password and if i login as ecic total data should show like as follows


and if login as ecic-ram then only ram and his subordinates like ecic-ram-arun, ecic-ram-arun-rasv, ecic-ram-john, ecic-ram-john-qvm, ecic-ram-raju and ecic-ram data only should show as follows


Like that for every pool manager only their data and their sub manager's data should show.

I tried it using section access but i'm getting errors, Please someone take this issue and give me solution.

i created hidden script, to edit hidden script you should login  Userid: admin, pwd: admin and hidden script pwd is : 123

Please anybody take a look into this issue, i'm attaching my data files and QVW.



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Re: Problem on Section Access

First you need a Key in the Data Model and Access to table to reduce the data on that qvw.

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Re: Problem on Section Access

Hi Dathu,

Thanks for your reply

But didn't get your suggestion , Please Give me solution with sample QVW.




Re: Problem on Section Access


You can check this post out http://community.qlik.com/blogs/qlikviewdesignblog/2012/10/02/complex-authorization also the attach might help.

Bill - Designated Support Engineer at Qlik
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