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Creator II
Creator II

Problem with If instruction

Dear all,

I'm becaming crazy. How don't understand where is my mistake

IF (sum({<MY_YEAR={$(=Only(MY_ANNO-1))}>} MY_SALES) = 0,1, MY_MARGIN/sum({<MY_YEAR={$(=Only(MY_ANNO-1))}>} MY_SALES))

By the script above, I would obtain the following scenario:

if sum( ..... MY_SALES) = 0 , put MY_MARGIN = 1, else do the margin calculation.

But it doesn't work

Help please

Thanks in advance

2 Replies
MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

I don't see anything wrong with it. If you select a value for MY_ANNO then you should get a result as long as there is data where MY_YEAR = MY_ANNO - 1

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand

Without knowing your data structure, I guess you should add some operation to MY_MARGIN field except it returns one value only. Otherwise you cannot divide an array of possible values by a unique SUM() of any other field.

Also, try using the ONLY() function with just the field as parameter, keeping the "-1" outside.

Let us know if the following expression works fine:

IF (SUM({<MY_YEAR={$(=ONLY(MY_ANNO)-1)}>} MY_SALES) = 0,