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Problem with Nulls again!

Hello, on the billing database  I work with I have a problem reporting on if 2 payments come in on at the same time/day. For example

[Customer Number][ Paid amount][Date]               [Type]

1150                        £54               01/04/2012          -

1150                        £67               01/04/2013          -

On the Database each line item does have a type value but because all of the data is the same in the report, it chooses to make it a null when this isnt right.

Ive Tried Firstsortedvalue( DISTINCT [Type],-[Date] ) but this doesnt work.

Any ideas Please?


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Re: Problem with Nulls again!

Dear Mrpjspencer,

      Can you please give me some clarification on your requiremnet,how you want to show report and Type



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Re: Problem with Nulls again!

I don't it to show Null, I want it to show the actual field name in both even though the data prior to it is identical apart from the cash value.