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Problem with Qlikview version

Hi everyone,

Does anybody know if QlikView version 12.10.20000.0 has a problem reading variables? When I open a qvw in one server that has the QlikView version 12.0.20300.00 the qvw opens correctly and shows all the graphics and text objects ok. But when I open the same qvw on another server that has QlikView version 12.10.20000.0 some graphics and text objects show me the message "Error in expression". When I put the formula that the variable has instead of the variable the text object or graphic works ok. My guess is that the newest QlikView version could have some issues reading variables but I want to know if anyone has experienced something similar to this.


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Re: Problem with Qlikview version

what does your variable look like?  can you share?

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Re: Problem with Qlikview version

Yes, I am having exactly the same problem. What used to work in 12.0 completely breakdown in 12.10.


=year(addmonths(max(booking_date), -1))

In 12.0, the textbox:

=$(vPreviousMonth) evaluate to 1/6/2017

In 12.10,

=$(vPreviousMonth) evaluate to 1/6/2018

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the two versions multiple times to compare the result, the problem persists.