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Problem with query.

hi, i want to know what kind of querys can run qlikview, because i have a problem with one that i need to execute, the query that i need, join two pivot tables and works fine in sql server, and i want to know why every time that i need to execute this query on qlikview, gives me an error that canot read odbc, i hope that some one can helpe. thank you

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Problem with query.

Can you run any query within QlikView against the SQL server? If so then your ODBC is fine, if not then the query may be more complex than QlikView can handle in a SQL SELECT statement.

Could you post a sample of your load script that you are having issues with?

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Problem with query.


      [Cod_ Vendedor]

     ,datename(month,[Inicio Mes]) as periodo

     ,Year([Inicio Mes]) as Anio    

     ,sum([Objetivo Mensual]) as objetivo

     ,(SELECT sum(sl.Amount) as total FROM [Sales Invoice Header] as sh

       left JOIN

       [Sales Invoice Line] as sl

       ON sh.[No_]=sl.[Document No_]

       WHERE sh.[Salesperson Code] = [Cod_ Vendedor] and sh.[Posting Date] between [Inicio Mes] and [Fin Mes] GROUP BY sh.[Salesperson Code])

FROM [Vendedor Objetivos] group by [Inicio Mes],[Fin Mes],month([Inicio Mes]),[Cod_ Vendedor]

this is the query that i want to execute on qlikview, but couse a read problem with de odbc driver, i hope you can help me

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