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Problem with writing an expression

Hi guys,

In QlikView I wrote the following expression to sum the quantity of all orders that are after a certain date:

sum ({$<DATE={">=29.Nov.2017"}>}QUANTITY)

now I try to change the certain date (29.Nov.2017) with an expression that will calculate a past date dynamicaly based on another number field in the table (COLUMN2).

date(today()- "COLUMN2",'DD.MMM.YYYY')

each expression is working independently but when I try to combine them like below it doesnt work:

sum ({$<DATE={">={"date(today()- "COLUMN2",'DD.MMM.YYYY')"}"}>}QUANTITY)

I am sure I don't write the combined expressions in the correct way but I don't know what I do wrong.

Thanks in advance to anybody that can point me in the right direction.

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Re: Problem with writing an expression

Hi Cornel,

Try to use the dollar-sign expansion for the nested expression in the Set analysis:

sum({$< DATE = {">=$(=date(today()-"COLUMN2",'DD.MMM.YYYY'))"} >} QUANTITY)

Hope this helps,



Re: Problem with writing an expression

Better to remove double quotes from field

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