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Problems connecting 2 tables on qv.

Hi community, i need some help with this problem, ill paste a screenshot so you can understand better how is the data structure.

This is how my tables relate their data. In this case, i have 2 fields that i need to relate, that i've highlighted so them can be seen at first sight. So, "NOTACREDITO" it's a numeric field and "MOTIVO DEVOL." it's a text field. What i need to do it's to make a simple or pivot table on qlikview, that shows the "Motivo devol." field on the left, and the sum of "NotaCredito" to the right. I hope you can help me! Thanks community

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Apologies as I do not know the makeup of your tables but in a data model where I want to connect only on a specific field and not on other shared variables, I do some simple renaming in the load script to fix the sythenic error.

For example, I would read in Factura from Motivos2014 like this


LOAD Factura as FacturaM,

Again, not knowing what these field represent and what the tables need to join on, it's hard to give more specific solution. But ultimately, you can't create a pivot yet because there are two many key variables connecting the tables.

For more on synthetic keys, check this out: Synthetic Keys

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it should be better for you to put in order your datamodel.

Because its better to avoid so many synthetic keys.

Maybe this should help you first before you get your results...

Creating a Data Model


André Gomes