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Problems with showing the right value in a gauge chart


Im using an Gauge chart with three expressions and having some question about it.

It contains the following expressions:


Percentage (expr 2 / expr 3) :
Totaaldagenziek / Totaaldagengewerkt


Totaaldagenziek (The total number of sick dayes per year of all employees):


Totaaldagengewerkt: (Total working days a year of all employees. The hours working in a week * the 52 weeks in a year / the 8 hours a working day stands for. And this minus the hours of in a yeark / the 8 hours a working day stands for)

The result is showing as an percentage. But here is the problem, when i put my mouse at the point of the result it show all three values of the three expressions in the pop up. I want to let him only show the value of the first expression (the point is directing to the right value in the chart btw). I tried to make an textbox with '=Totaaldagenziek / Totaaldagengewerkt' to show the percentage value, but that won't work.

Someone any ideas?

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