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Putting a Filter in Listbox

Hi ,

Need Help!

I am trying to put filter in a listbox  for Values > 0 as 'Excess' and Values <0 as 'Short' excluding all values equal to zero present in record.

when trying to do so I am getting some values equal to zero in Short as well as Excess at record level when a selection made for either Short or Excess.

Aggr(if((sum({<  YEAR_R = {$(vPrevYear)},  MONTH_R= {$(vPrevMonth)} >}FINAL_READ)- Sum(INITL_READ))>0,'Excess','Short')),CON_REF)

Above Expression didn't worked for me , So I created another expression shown below by putting three selection in a filter viz. Excess , Short, and Zero , Still I am getting some values equal to zero in 'Short' & 'Excess' at record level.

Aggr(if((sum({<  YEAR_R = {$(vPrevYear)},  MONTH_R= {$(vPrevMonth)} >}FINAL_READ)- Sum(INITL_READ))>0,'Excess',if((sum({<  YEAR_R = {$(vPrevYear)},  MONTH_R= {$(vPrevMonth)} >}FINAL_READ)- Sum(INITL_READ))<0,'Short','Zero')),CON_REF)

Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Putting a Filter in Listbox

‌please post sample data.