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QMC Supporting Task Timeout

I've setup a supporting task on the QMC which initiates an external action via the command prompty.  Normally this supporting tasks takes around 3 seconds to run according to the QMC.  However, on occasion it will hang - it will continue to run indefinately.  I've seen it run for more that 24 hours without failing before I've had to cancel it.  However, as I've set it up as an external supporting task I'm not able to set a timeout period as standard for the task.  Is there any way that I'm missing to set a timeout on this task like can be done on othere QMC tasks?

The problem is that we run a very busy environment and every time this tasks decided to 'hang' it takes up a full engine until the task is manually cancelled.  When run again it will work fine within the normal timescales.

Can anyone help?

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MVP & Luminary

Re: QMC Supporting Task Timeout

Maybe you could create another task which checks the ouput of your first task and if there is none or too old or the task is till running after x time you could kill the task and maybe start the task again or create an alert. Maybe this give you some ideas: Re: Run qvw from batch.

- Marcus