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QMC task (having QVW file executing a BAT file) Fails / Keeps running


There is a QVW file calling a BAT file through EXECUTE command. BAT file calls VBS script to refresh Excel files with Office 365 List data.

Requirement is to Refresh the Excel files at fixed time daily, which i am trying to achieve by either scheduling BAT file on Windows task scheduler OR calling BAT file from QVW file and scheduling that QVW file through QMC on a daily basis.

When this QVW file is reloaded manually - it refreshes successfully. However, when it is run through QMC task, it keeps on running and ultimately we have to Abort the task.

Created a task (using my local user account) in Windows task scheduler to run the BAT file on daily basis, however, there too, the task keeps on running whereas BAT file execution doesn't even start. Manual execution of BAT file works fine.

Kindly let me know if any more details are required from my side.

Please suggest a solution. Thank you.

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Re: QMC task (having QVW file executing a BAT file) Fails / Keeps running

Two Things.

1. Did you try to run the batch file inside the server manually

2. If yes, then add your Service account/your account to below security policies.

Steps to open local policies:

  1. In the Control Panel, open Administrative Tools, then Local Security Policy.
  2. Beneath Security Settings, open Local Policies and highlight User Rights Assignment.

          1. Logon as Batch

          2. Logon as Service