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QV Publisher and Server

Hi All,

I'm new to Qlikview and we are using Qlikview 11 version. i don't have access to Server.

Thatswhy i don't know about server. Only thing i know is publisher and server is Publisher is

the internal part of server and it is used to provide security and to perform some tasks like reload


I have the following doubts:

What is Server and what is the purpose of Server?

What is Publisher and what is the purpose of Publisher?

What is QMC and what is the purpose of QMC?

Shall we need to install server and publisher seperately?

Please give me some idea on this.

If any doc's with you, Kindly share them with me.



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Re: QV Publisher and Server

Hi Chiru,

The QlikView server and publisher are bundled into one installation package where you enable the publisher functions with adding your publisher license.

The qlikview server (QVS) are used to be reload and present qlikview data in a centralized way by ex. using the accesspoint to list documents for the end user. The publisher part are responsible for more complex tasks such as distributions of qlikview documents (where the QVS can be a recipient).

The QMC are the management interface for where you can organize settings for the QVS and the publisher as well as set up tasks etc.

I strongly recommend that download the server reference manual and you sign up for a training session to get some understanding about the products.

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Specialist II

Re: QV Publisher and Server


You can download Server reference manual here...