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QVW ram usage limitation?

HI all,

big question.

I'm working for a global telecom company, running for millions of subscribers and their data.

naturally, will all the segmentation and analysis going on - we are talking about a huge amount of data.

one of my models is consuming alot of resources to process, multiplying and purging data...

the server is a monster, using 256GB of ram and 32 CPU's.

my problem is - while monitoring the run of the qwv I noticed that when memory usage reaches 125 GB, the run just halts. consistently.

is there a limitiation by default? the install was clean and untempered.

on a semi-unrelated subject: my purging process take a hugh amount of time, using a join.

is there a better way of screening unwanted records?

thank you,


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Re: QVW ram usage limitation?

Hi Matan

Did you ever found an answer for this?

I am on a server double your size, we got 512 GB ram and 64 CPU's

I noticed the same behavior as you did in one of my qvw:s

It was loading huge amount of data, and it went fairly quick, in 3h45min it had loaded 4 115 747 570 lines and was using ~256 GB ram, and then it just seemed to halt.

It did not crash, and did not exit, the Script Execution Progress window was still open and the Elapsed time was ticking on, it was runing over the weekend, so it in fact ticked on for 48 hrs, but nothing happened.