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Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlik Document folder on Qlik Server


I am having problem specifying the Qlik Document folder that is sitting on another server.

Server A - Qlik Server is installed and Qlik View is installed.

Server B - Qlik Document Folder in located.   Qlik documents folder is in E:\Data\Shared\QlikDocuments

On Server A, there is a shared drive R:\Qlik  that is pointing to E:\Data\Shared\QlikDocuments.

On Qlik Server, when I specify the folder:

R:\Qlik, it gives me error Document Folder R:\Qlik does not exist.

I have also tried \\Server B\Qlik, and the same error message is received.

On Window explorer, I can access both with no problem.

Network browsing has been disabled if it means something.

Appreciate some guidance here.

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Contributor III
Contributor III


Problem resolved.

It was related to the new Window account that we login as. We need to update the Qlik services in Window Local Services to use this new Window account.  Only then when I put in the UNC path to the new Qlik Document folder, ( \\Server B\Qlik), it will work.  It still does not work with mapped folder, ie, R:\Qlik still give the same error.