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Qlik & IFRS(international financial reporting standards)

Hello, dear Qlikers.

One of my company's customers, asked us if we can make an qlikview, which will output data with accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards( the standards based on insurance).

So generally my answer was - Ofcourse, we can . If QlikSense, can't do it, Qlikview can.

And from question to question, they asked if I can present a Demo .

So my question is :

Have you had any working on a Qlik App with concern to IFRS ?, and if so, can you provide me with a demo app with some sample/scrambled data?

Thanks in advance for your answer !!!!

Sincerely yours,
Angel Tomov

Qlik Developer/Consultant

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Re: Qlik & IFRS(international financial reporting standards)

If you have Data based on IFRS you can load them into Qlikview or Qliksense.

But there is no inbuilt functionality, like functions, which provides you the calculation.

If you need to make the calculations by your own you will have to define your formulas according the IFR-Standards.

hope this helps


Re: Qlik & IFRS(international financial reporting standards)

Yea I know, but I dont have any data, and My understanding is that they want QlikView to make the data in the way of IFRS . So I am just asking if somebody has done this before.

I will do it but I need a lot of time to study the standards.. and I don't want to spend endless nights...

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Re: Qlik & IFRS(international financial reporting standards)

I saw your response, ill like to work with you. We have data in SAP ERP