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QlikView AJAX bookmarks - make them easier to search, replace, and run

In QlikView AJAX, shared bookmarks should be as easy to access as they were in IE Plugin. Can this functionality be enhanced so that we may gracefully fully retire from the IE Plugin?

Comments from some of our senior analysts:

1. When using the IE plugin it is a lot easier to access bookmarks that have been shared by others. I regularly run data and provide cover for FBPs that have, and maintain, their own bookmarks. Not going through the IE means you have to go through the repository to find bookmarks and although you can sort them by owner, you can’t search for them by owner and you need to know the exact name of the bookmark you’re looking for. In the IE plugin it is easy as you just find the user in the pane on the left hand side, click, and view their bookmarks.

2. Running large bookmarks time out a lot quicker and do not extract. When I use the IE plugin, my data almost always downloads. It may take time but I don’t get a timeout message.

Second senior analyst says: "I agree with 1st analyst on both points."

-- The most critical, of course, is being able to pull large reports.(#2)

-- Also, being able to access bookmarks by user is a very helpful option. It saves a ton of time, in particular, as pointed out, when you have to run reports for different users. (#1)

3. Also, I would add that managing bookmarks is much easier with the IE plugin. I use the option to “Replace bookmark” very often. When working on a project (forecast, plan, anything really) the requirements change and the bookmarks need to be updated. Rather than saving a new bookmark as “v2” and letting everyone know it is so much easier to just overwrite the existing one. That way you keep the same bookmark.

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