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QlikView Chart Expression

Hi , I'm New to qlikview. I need to check how an expression is working for a chart in qlikview.

I'm not clear on the syntax of the functions being used.Can anyone of you help me in understanding that how the following expression is working.

here is the expression :

sum({<$(VG_DisregardDate),[EQuality TypeOfReport]=,  DateNum={">=$(=max(Date)-7*12)<=$(=max(Date))"}>}

aggr({<$(VG_DisregardDate),[EQuality TypeOfReport]=,  DateNum={">=$(=max(Date)-7*12)<=$(=max(Date))"}>}

avg( {<$(VG_DisregardDate),[EQuality TypeOfReport]=,  DateNum={">=$(=max(Date)-7*12)<=$(=max(Date))"}>}  #CMS_Target)

,[Report Year Week],[PruID eQuality],[TSG Report]))

Thanks in advance,

Neha. !

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Re: QlikView Chart Expression

I think the syntax is incorrect, is it working well for you? AFAIK Aggr() doesn't allow for set analysis.

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: QlikView Chart Expression

That's why I thought. It seem it does. You simply get the intersection with the set expression in the outer aggregation function. So you should put it there too, really.

Anyway, the expression sum a list of averages calculated over the combinations of the fields Report Year Week,PruID eQuality and TSG Report. I have no idea what the variable VG_DisregardDate contains, but its name suggests that it overrides selections in date fields. Any selection in EQuality TypeOfReport is reset too for the expression and a date range of the last 12 weeks is selected.

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