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QlikView Document License - how to open/reload?


I assigned a document license to one of our users. As long as I use "open in server", I can view the document but the reload-button is disabled.

I tried to open the same document with "File -> Open", but this isn't working - msg: "document was created by another QlikView..."

What is the correct way ( if there is any ) of reloading a document if the user owns a document license?

Thanks a lot,

Fabian Zimmermann

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Re: QlikView Document License - how to open/reload?

'Open in Server' is basiclly a IE-Plugin view. In 'Open in Server' the reload button is disabled.

When you use 'Open' and you want to reload, it's only possible if the QVW was created by this user himself. Basicly a personal edition.

If you want to reload are QVW that you didn't create yourself, you need to lease a named CAL

Re: QlikView Document License - how to open/reload?

Dear Fabian,

     You need to understand the working of license.

     There are different type of license and they have different purpose.

     One of them is Document CAL licence.

          This type of license is nothing but a viewer license. Meaning you can view the document if you have this kind of license. This license is given on 1 user 1 document basis. This license doesn't have facility to change anything in the document.

     Other type of license is Named CAL license.

          This kind of license is said to be developer license. As the name suggest you can develop your own application, also you can modify or change the document created by other users. If you have this license you can view 'N' numbers of document. This license is leased from server using Open in Server button.

     So in your case, you need Named CAL license to change/open the application.

     Hope this is clear to you.


Kaushik Solanki

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Re: QlikView Document License - how to open/reload?

Thanks a lot!

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