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QlikView Not Matching Document Cal Licences

Hello guys, I want to know why QlikView is not displaying the correct values of my document CAL licences.

I have 10 document CALs available on the server and the mangement console shows them that way but does not match with how many licences I have currently assigned, it should be 6 so for obvious reasons there should be 4 remaining instead of 3:

I have 4 assigned here:

And I have other 2 in two documents, one per document:

So, ¿why is the management console displaying I have 3 remaining?

Thanks in advise guys.

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Re: QlikView Not Matching Document Cal Licences

I've seen this happen when a QVW has been removed before the document CALS had been unassigned.

The PDF on this thread might be of some use: Missing Document cals?

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Re: QlikView Not Matching Document Cal Licences

Hi Gilberto,

There are no other applications where you have allocated a document CAL? without assigning a user?

Do you recall deleting an application with a document CAL assigned without removing the user?


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Re: QlikView Not Matching Document Cal Licences

You can run out your document Cals in an xml file (from the pgo file) which will help you find where they have gone.

As others have said, it is likely to be a file which has been deleted without the cals first being removed.

In fact there is a very similar thread from last week here:

Recover lost CALS using PGO files

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