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Contributor III
Contributor III

QlikView November 2017 and JScript Modules not working

Hello together,

we have done the Upgrade on our QlikView Server to November 2017 release.

From now all QlikView documents that includes JScript Macros/Modules are not working. Not on the Server and not on Desktop Client.

The Data load scripts stops with an syntax error on the  at the place where the javascript function is called.

Any known changes in the November release about Macros/Modules?

Regards, Henry

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No idea. Nothing in the Release Notes (but lots of other interesting stuff), nothing in the online help, nothing in the knowledge base, no mention about a changed API or dropped feature at all... Can be a good and a bad thing at the same time.

Maybe you should contact Qlik Support?

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hello Peter,

thanks for the fast response.

I have contacted now the Qlik Support.

Regards, Henry

Contributor II
Contributor II


The new BNF script reload mode in QlikView November 2017 initial release doesn't allow the Macro function name in the script.
This is a bug that RD will fix in the future release, hopefully in Patch 1. 


Disable the BNF script reload mode either from the script, or fromthe settings.ini file.

Instructions of disabling BNF reload module:

  1. Disabling BNF reload mode for the entire server: Update the Settings.ini by adding the line EnableBnfReload=0
  2. Disabling BNF reload mode for individual apps: Add the ///$bnf off tag at the top of the script (The tag must be in the first 50 characters of the script).