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QlikView SectionAccess troubles

I would like to understand why. and I hope you can help me.

We construct a sectionaccess aplication using ACCES, USERID, PASSWORD. The aplication has data reduction and the sectionaccess was loaded from excel file. The opening time was 4-5 seconds

The same aplication was modified to use only ACCESS, NTNAME. The aplication continues with the same data reduction and the same excel file. Now the opening time is 12-13 seconds (more than 100% of performance degradation).

is there any reason why the performance could be affected by using NTNAME instead USERID and PASSWORD? What could be the problem or which is the reason that it could hapen?

thank you in advance for your help

Ricardo León

2 Replies

Which is the client you use to open this application?

I can only think of one reason (in case you are not using any custom directories): a slow connection to the domain controller?


thank you Peter.

The aplication is analyzed on Google Chrome and Firefox.

The directory is local. we create users on the same server to access. to get users and groups qlik doesn't need to go out of server.