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Qlikmap free extension coordinates format

Hi all,

i'm referring to the following below youtube on free Qlikmap extension. I have downloaded the  free Qlikmap extension.( Do not confuse with Qlikmaps which is commercial)

Geographic Mapping - YouTube

I have created the excel that contains the coordinates required for Qlikmap. But went I import the excel into qlikview and create the Qlikmap object, the qlikmap show the grey area as attached the screenshot. I find out later is because my coordinates format in excel is wrong. Coordinates format consist of both the latitude and longitude with the separator(either it is comma or dot).

I have tried the following coordinates format:

11.651, 92.7307

11.651. 92.7307

11.651  92.7307

Yet the qlikmap still shows grey area. Please advise.

Also i don't understand the option region dimension as shown in screenshot? What is that option and how it is used for map?

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Re: Qlikmap free extension coordinates format

Hi Jonathan,

I've tried to browse the apps but it seems like there some bug in the extension. Is that the cause of the "grey area"?




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Re: Qlikmap free extension coordinates format

The co-ordinates aren't properly declared. I treid with the lat-long information and it works.


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Re: Qlikmap free extension coordinates format

Hi Sowhardh,

I am also facing the same problem. Would you please share the app on which you made it work? I can use it as a reference.


Even I am using coordinates as lat,long format and for region dimension I am using Country's name.

I would greatly appreciate if you can provide something or point me to a direction where I can find something useful.

Thank you,