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Qliksense Tasks Automatically Running

HI All,

Actually All Qlikview Data Models run with EDX trigger. After completion of these Qlikview Tasks, we are running manually Qliksense Application Tasks(Here we have taken Binary load of QlikView Data Model and created Front End UI in Qliksense).

Is there Anyway of creating an application for running automatically whenever Qlikview tasks completes then it should start Qliksense Tasks Automatically.

Please help me on this.

Thanks in Advance.


Avinash Kuraku colin_albert‌  ltu‌  @Sunny T  @Avinash R

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Re: Qliksense Tasks Automatically Running

Qlikview and Qliksense is 2 different servers . I don't think we have a direct way to achieve this , try like this

on the end reload of every file , create text file with 0 or 1 as value using Store command . Then create a batch file to run the task in Qliksense